Hot-rolled sheet

Perhaps the most common type of sheet metal at the present day it is hot-rolled products . Sheets made of hot- rolled steel , used in the manufacture of a wide variety of metal products ( formed shapes , angles, designed for the heat transfer , chemical and heat exchange equipment , reinforcing steel and other products).

Hot-rolled sheet is significantly different from other types of rolled products , and its advantages are:
- versatility rental;
- high resistance to various mechanical actions;
- a wide range of operating temperature , and , operation and likely at very low temperatures;
- ease of finishing in the manufacture of metal products;
- increased resistance to frost and good strength;

During the production of hot- rolled sheet steel used certain brands , namely 10HSND , 09G2C - 12 09G2C , 17G1C , 09G2 and 17G1SU , the thickness of the steel traditionally ranges from 0.5 to 3.9 mm.